Q. Which manuscripts do you edit?
A. I proofread and edit bachelor’s theses, master’s theses, dissertations, scientific texts and research papers.

Q. Is having a thesis corrected allowed?
A. Of course it is. Both editing and proofreading are services that optimize the reading flow of a text, but do not change the content of your writing. Both are permitted and legal for academic papers.

Q. Do you also offer ghostwriting?
A. I do not offer ghostwriting for academic manuscripts – this is contrary to my principles. The responsibility for the content of the paper and for proper citation lies with the client.

Q. Stylistic editing or content editing?
A. Depending on your requirements, I will proofread your work regarding the following aspects:

Stylistic Editing

– Proofreading: checking spelling, grammar and punctuation.

– Comprehensibility and good reading flow

– Scientific expressions

Content Editing

– Content editing: Logic and stringency of the structure and scientific argumentation.

In order to clarify mutual expectations and needs in advance, I offer a free trial editing service of one-three representative pages of your manuscript.

Q. Is express proofreading possible?
A. For an additional charge, I will perform a short-notice revision of your manuscript. Feel free to e-mail me, or call me to work out the details.

Q. Are there any discounted rates?
A. I offer special rates for students.

Q. Will my data be kept confidential?
A. I keep personal client information, as well as all materials and information you share with me, strictly confidential.

Q. What file formats can be submitted?
A. I proofread and edit the following file formats:

  • Microsoft Word in all versions (File.docx, File.doc)
  • OpenOffice (LibreOffice) Writer (File.odt)
  • PDF

Q. How to submit a document?
A. You can send me your file by e-mail.