Retreat: Scientific Writing & Yoga TUM Graduate School 23.02.-26.02.2023

In this 3,5 day writing- and yoga-retreat, participants will have plenty of opportunity to work with their own texts, make progress with their manuscripts and profit from the exchange with fellow writers. In addition, I will provide material for strategies to efficiently plan scientific texts and to implement style and structural conventions adequately during the writing process. Furthermore there will be short writing impulses at the start of each writing day.
In addition Dr. Luisa Demant offers Yoga, Embodiment and Mindfulness practices to move and relax the body and mind. The embodiment practice will provide tools to reflect on personality patterns. We will focus on finding individual strategies to overcome procrastination, writer’s block, as well as reflecting on imposter syndrome.
Furthermore, we offer individual sessions for each participants with each trainer to discuss individual issues regarding the writing process and self-management. This unique combination of writing and yoga coaching equips participants with the right tools for a successful PhD writing process.